HCP Nano Microblades 15UH - Box of 10

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Halcyon Professional 15UH Nano microblades are ultra fine at just 0.18mm. This hard, 15 needle, U configuration has a luxurious comfort-grip handle and offers precision with every stroke. 

 BOX of 10 


The Halcyon Professional Nano disposable microblades collection offers ultra-light precision and flawless strokes.

Some reasons you will love working with HCP Nano Collection

  • Silicone handle with comfort grip
  • Lightweight
  • 45° classic microblading angle
  • Individually packaged in sterile EO gas blister packs
  • Labeled with traceable expiry date and lot number
  • Ultra-fine .15mm & .18mm stainless steel needles
  • Built in cotton tip for pigment masking
  • Hard & Flex options


  • #9CH 0.18
  • #15CF 0.15
  • #15UH 0.18
  • #18UF 0.15

More Information

What is the difference between Flex & Hard Microblades?

Hard Blades are bound together with metal and are therefore less forgiving than a flex blade. They are very stable but the lack of absorption makes it easy to go deeper into the skin with less pressure. Great for experienced artists and thick/oily skinned clients as they offer a more defined hair stroke.
GOOD for regular to thick/oily skin

FLEX BLADES (or Flexi blades) are bound together using soft synthetic fabric or plastic giving them flexibility and the ability to absorb pressure. This gives the technician less chance of depth issues and ensures a soft, superficial hairstroke.

Although still possible to go too deep, the flex bladed is a great option for beginners and may require a 2nd pass to get desired density.

GOOD for sensitive, thin, aged or compromised skin types.


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Darla Caligiuri
Blade nano

Really like them .. just getting used to them

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