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Brown Sugar is a very warm brown eyebrow pigment ideal for counteracting cool ash skin tones.  

Brown Sugar is a very warm colour that harmonizes cool tones. It can be used alone or added to other pigments to add warmth.



Very Warm Brown




- Can be used to add warmth to other Micro-Pigments. 

- It is important to note that adding warmth is not always necessary for machine shading. Read our blog to find out more -  How to prevent colour issues

The Collection

Micro-Pigments Signature Collection has remained a top seller for almost 30 years and are formulated with premium ingredients to ensure true-to-colour healing in the skin.


- Whisper Blonde, Honey Brown, Taupe, Dark Walnut, Dark Chestnut, Midnight Brown Black
Pigment Lightener*, Red Fix/Pigment Lightener*, Yellow Shot*
* Not to be used alone


- Barely Blonde, Brown Sugar, Golden Sand, Moroccan, Tuscany**, Black Pumpkin**
** Still cool with a bit of warmth


- Sterling Grey, Black Pumpkin*, Midnight Brown Black*, Black Onyx, Black Pearl^
*Also used as eyebrow pigments, ^ Contains Carbon Black


- Nutmeg, Paprika, Peachy Pink, Phoenix Red, Poppy Red, Raspberry, Terra Cotta, True Lips, Velvet Red, Wild Rose, *Lip Blender
* Not to be used alone

All Micro-Pigment Collections

MP Signature Collection has remained a top seller for almost 30 years and is formulated with premium ingredients to ensure true-to-colour healing in the skin. It includes both permanent makeup eyebrow pigments, eyeliner pigments, and permanent makeup lip micropigmentation pigments.

MP Microblade Creme' Collection is specifically for manual microblading procedures. Their smooth, velvety texture is non-drying and stays on your needle for every stroke. This collection includes 8 colours simplified into warm and cool shades, can be mixed to create the perfect, long-lasting, microbladed brows.

MP Pure & Vivid Collection is loaded with organic, pure, premium colorants to achieve the ultimate saturation of colour. It features seven highly concentrated eyeliner and lip pigment colours.

MP Pixel & Stroke Collection is a specialty range of hand-selected colours suitable for both microblading and machine techniques. Formulated with a creamy consistency and balanced viscosity so that just one pigment range can be used for both hairstrokes and pixel shading techniques. 4 Pigments to cater to all your brow techniques!

MP Harmonizer Collection includes 5 highly concentrated pigments for modifying other pigment colours or correcting previously discoloured permanent makeup.

MP Crown Collection is a functional and inclusive line for hair density procedures and to simulate hair follicles. The colours have been specially formulated to suit a range of clientele and blended with unique, high quality colourants that eliminate the risk of healed-in pigments turning blue or green, resulting in a natural looking finish.

MP MED Collection offers a complete range for restorative 3D areola nipple tattooing and scar camouflage procedures. It includes both MED Areola Series & MED Camouflage Series.

The Company

For almost 30 years Micro-Pigments have stood the test of time as pigments that never dry out. With creamy viscosity and three decades of experience in each bottle, they ensure dependable consistency and saturation to minimize touch-ups and retention issues, making it effortless to efficiently implant the pigment into the skin.

Micro-Pigment formulas have been developed from the approved list of Certified Food, Drug and Cosmetic Colourants. Powders are controlled with ISO manufacturing to produce high grade, purified, concentrated pigments.

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