THUNDERLORD Universal Cartridge Needles - Box of 20

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PERFECT FOR PMU! Thunderlord Power universal cartridge needles are designed for permanent makeup.

Fitted with a unique stabilizing system and extra long needle tip to ensure perfect pigment flow and clear, smooth lines every time.


* 20 Individually packaged, single-use and disposable cartridges

* Sterilized with E.O. gas.

* Unique stabilizing system and minimal vibration.

* Surgical stainless steel needles

* Safety membrane to prevent backflow

* Medical grade plastic tips with flat design for permanent makeup procedures

* Light, semi-transparent tips for better visibility

Meet the current standard of quality management for medical devices (Certified ISO 13485:2016)

Diameter and Taper specifications:

#08=0.25mm; #10=0.30mm; #12=0.35mm; #14=0.40mm

Machine CompatibilityUniversal cartridges fit most rotary tattoo machines including but not limited to; Bronc, Bellar, Bishop, Cheyenne, Dragonhawk, Mast Magi/Tour, Xion 

Not compatible with; Nouveau Contour, Amiea, Biotek, Black Pearl, Charme. 

If you are not sure if universal cartridge needles are compatible with your machine, please contact us. 

BLOG: Will a universal tattoo cartridge fit my machine?

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