LI LOADED Whiskey Brown


Whiskey Brown is a medium warm brown microblading and permanent makeup eyebrow pigment that is a great option for red heads and can also be used to add warmth to other pigment. 

The Collection

The New Ink on the Block™
An Organic eyebrow pigment line featuring 16 shades.

Gold Dust - A light warm blonde.
Rawhide - A true medium brown.
Oh My Darling - A light to medium brown.
Sage - A medium ash brown.
Silver Spur - A medium grey/brown.
Whiskey Brown - A medium warm brown.
Warm Sunset - To modify or warm up target colour.
Cowgirl - A medium to deep brown.
Smoke - A charcoal with brown undertones.
Saddle Brown - A deep brown.
Maverick - A dark brown.
Mustang - A deep dark brown.
Outlaw Brown - A dark brown/black.
Sundown - The darkest black/brown.
About Li Loaded

Loaded is a very strong, 100% organic pigment line created by Teryn Darling and formulated by LI Pigments.
Loaded colours are pre-modified and do not require any additional warmth. If warmth is added, ensure it's to dark colours only, you should almost never need to add any warmth to the light to medium colours. Skin type, needle size and configuration, depth, and technique will determine the exact tone you will see in the healed results.

* strong, organic formula
* high pigment load
* pre-neutralized
* heals with exceptionally high colour
* vivid finish
* implants and oxidizes quickly
* doesn't dilute upon contact with body fluids
* stays moist
* requires minimal modifying
* longer lasting
* stable aging
* passed all EU testing!

The Company
For over 25 years LI Pigments has combined pigment chemistry and colour with the application process to formulate the most innovative and scientifically advanced cosmetic pigments worldwide.

They provide unparalleled customer service and technical support, emphasizing safety, quality and cost-efficiency. Their focus on research and development, coupled with the adherence to best practices, continuous laboratory testing, and use of only the highest quality raw materials has resulted in several outstanding safe and effective cosmetic pigment lines that meet the most stringent quality standards.

LI Pigments continues to evolve and adapt the the permanent cosmetics industry's ever-changing landscape while staying true to their decades old mission of providing quality pigments and superior customer service.

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